How to Find Viable Properties for Investment

One of the challenges that comes with property investment is finding the ideal property. What might be good for one investor may not be so for another.

The following are some facts to consider in this regard:

Different Kinds of Property

The investor has to make a decision as to what type of property they want to invest in. The following will help narrow down the search.

For example, there are:

  • Rental properties: Those that want to invest in a rental property will want to look in larger populated areas like cities.
  • Vacation properties: In this case, the investor will want to focus on tourism ‘hot spots.’
  • Raw land: There are some investors who want to put their money on long-term investments. They will look for land that could have a future purpose. Then, when the time is right, they will sell the land to developers.
  • Commercial properties: This is another investment category with the focus being on commercial renters as opposed to residential (although some properties can serve both purposes).

The kind of property you want will dictate how you go about looking for it. The next step, therefore, is finding locations, for which certain resources are required.


Resources that are commonly used by property investors include the internet, other media, and real-estate agents. They each have something to offer and they should be used collectively.

The information they each provide can then be acted upon to narrow down the search for viable properties.

Investor’s Intuition

Although using as many resources as possible is important, the investor must also rely on their intuition. They have to feel good about the property.

Questions investors might ask themselves include: Is there a demand for the property? If it’s a rental property, is it located in a tenant-friendly area? Or, if it’s a vacation property, what extra features does it have to entice renters?