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Wealth'An abundance of a particular desirable thing.’

We believe the definition of wealth is not limited to the accumulation of material things or money.  (Of course, these are nice to have!) In life there are many desirable things that give us joy, happiness and allow us to grow; most have nothing to do with money.  I’m talking about knowledge, love, health, family and friends, or whatever it is that brings you joy. Financial freedom will only amplify the joy these elements bring to your life, the opportunity to spend your time the way you want. As my client, this is what I want for you.

Whether it’s your family home or part of your investment portfolio, I want to help you purchase property that will grow in value over the long term. (If you are trying to get rich quick Wealth Bound is not for you).  I certainly do not claim to have a crystal ball, nor can I offer any guarantees of saving you a certain amount off the asking price, if anyone claims they can, run away fast. There are other parties involved in a property transaction, this creates variables that make it irresponsible to provide guarantees. The value of a property is determined by the market at the time and what a person/s is willing to pay for it. What I can do is save you the costly mistake of over paying or buying the wrong property. 

I have been investing in property for over 10 years and have built a portfolio focused on capital growth, balanced with good yield that allows me to keep growing my portfolio. I am a fully qualified/licenced Buyers Agent, with extensive skills in communication, research, analysis and negotiation.  Wealth Bound is a completely independent Buyers Agency. We are not affiliated with any Real Estate Sales Agents, development companies or anyone else in the Real Estate industry. We don’t believe there is a one size fits all for buyers and investors, everyone has their own journey. As such, I want to provide you with a personalised, tailored service that secures the right property for you, given your individual circumstances and needs. 

If you are an investor, I share your passion and am driven towards helping you create financial freedom through property.  Home buyers, I have the knowledge and skill to ensure you buy the right property. Give me a call or send me an email and I will book you in for your obligation free strategy session.